3 Jun 2011

Apprentice Uk Females In Need Of A Work Wear Makeover?

The Long And The Short Of  It ??!

 I was disappointed to discover the latest style trend in the boardroom of this seasons apprentice 2011, for 80's style huge draped scarve's, which in my opinion eclipse a womens best assest her shirt of course!! A well tailored shirt is the work horse of a womens wardrobe/closet and justly so, a well cut womens shirt showcases great tailoring, helps correct poor posture and illustrates you mean buisness, scarve's should be used to draw attention to the face through colour not drown your figure in swathes of fabric! Posture is all in boardroom land! Past female apprentices have won hands down in the fashion stakes against there male opponent's, discuss!

                                         Sharon x


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