10 Jun 2011

Glamour Women Awards 2011 | Top Three Best Dressed

Hi Gals, its that time again the glamour women awards and rather than getting all catty and saying who was on the worst dressed list, I'm going to simply share my personal top three best dressed list. First up, I am so pleased to see  Katherine Jenkins in this strong neon lipstick pink, the cut is perfect for her proportions and the black accents on the waist and beneath the bust give the 60's vixen look a little edge.

Next up Jammela Jamil, I like the fact she has not gone for predictable glamour which would be very easy for her to ramp up. Blue is definately a very flattering colour for her to wear and she has been playful with texture, pattern and shape, note the metalic heart box bag and blue suede pumps,the waterfall effect achieved via the sash on her dress and her bag held on the same side also shows this girl knows how to work the lense, the whole look elongates and emphasises her beautiful coltish limbs to perfection.This look says I'm pretty but no shrinking violet! Bravo!

My finale favourite look of the night was the beautiful Sarah Ferguson, although this gold draped dress is classic and not a huge departure for her, the mathmatical genius of this cut allows her elegance to shine through with pure confidence. A note on hair styling, regarding my personal best dressed list, they all got it spot on in my opinion, not a bad hair day in sight, so ladies if your reading congratulations to you!

                                Sharon x


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