13 Jun 2011

Karma Perfume Review by Gorilla at Lush

                                       Sometime back I fell madly, deeply and truly in love with a perfume from my local Lush store in Preston, UK, I decided I had at last found my perfect match, the ONE, with a combination of heady scents such as patchouli, sweet orange, lavender and lemongrass oil, the scent of Karma was uplifting and calming at the same time. Think of it as the perfect antidote to looking just that little bit too spiky in your favourite tailored shirt's. Instead of a slightly messy or big and bouncy hairstyle, you can wear this warm sprawling eclectic fragrance, as a reminder that looking and feeling gorgeous is about being happy, relaxed and spontaneous.

So chapter two of this happy tale is having popped into Lush this morning I discovered this lovely fragrance has had quite a makeover you can now buy Karma as a solid, as part of Lushes Gorilla range, which make me ecstatic with happiness, why? Well firstly I have fairly dry sensitive skin and solid oil based perfumes last and last, secondly the little lipstick sized roll on, is soo portable and means the opportunity to reapply your Karma if needed is on hand all day long. Not only that I love the contradiction between the feminine fragrance inside and the black edgy packaging on the outside, you have perhaps gathered by now that I'm all about contradictions and hopefully that Karma perfume in my opinion is pretty sweet

P.S Lush believe in minimal packaging , the plain brown paper bag my item came in had a rather chic banana stamp on it and if I take back 5 black clean pots or tubes I will receive a free fresh face mask. I wonder if they will do a Karma fresh face mask by then? Ok maybe I could try something new, never good to get too fixated, even on a fragrance ..

                                     Sharon x x 


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