8 Jun 2011

Proenza Schouler Exclusive Beach Accessory Launch | Gives New Meaning To Towelling!

 Hi Gals, I get butterflys about clothing label's that know how to combine great tailoring, contempory style and texture masterfully, dynamic duo Proenza Schouler understand the magic of combining all three of these elements in their striking women wear  collection's. Tomorow they launch this ravishingly sophisticated beach bucket bag and aztec print towel in rich colours. In my opinion talented fashion designers such as Proenza and Schouler set themselves apart by their abilty to funnel their vast repertoire of design vision and ethics into a simple garment or accessory, so that it is instantly recognisable on the crowded sandy beach for which it is was intended, genius!! Could there be however a teeny tiny problem to spoil this moment? I think so, couples everywhere will fight to the death to decide who gets to take this handsome pairing out first!! 



                                       Sharon x


Lola X said...


Lola x

the nyanzi report said...

You're right, PS is definitely one of the best.

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