11 Jun 2011

Mrs Jones Stylist To Rihanna Opens New Boutique In London Hackney

Hi Gals,

I was so excited when I discovered the little stylish wonderland that is Mrs Jones boutique had just opened in London, it's just darling and I had to share my little secret with you all! Shh don't tell anyone else it's strictly between us.

She has styled and designed for Kylie Minogue, Alison Goldfrapp, Madonna, Rihanna and The Killers. Now Fee Doran – aka Mrs Jones – opens her own shop in Shoreditch today. The riotous Mrs Jones’ Emporium showcases the celebrated costume designer’s greatest hits – most of which are for sale – alongside an eclectic selection of vintage pieces and accessories. Cashmere by Jaggy Nettle and headdresses by Feathersmith complete the mix. At the back of the shop, the in-store ‘Used Not Abused’ sells a wide range of second hand LPs; next to that is The Drama Parlour, Mrs Jones’ hair salon-cum makeover station. Open sporadically during the week and always at weekends, this is one very hot spot for East London’s glossy posse.

Mrs Jones’ Emporium, 49 Hackney Road, E2 7NX (07968 942191).

credits 'Now Here This' and images by David Ryle

                                Sharon x


Karena said...
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Hannah said...

this place looks lovely, I totally need to check it out one weekend

Bow Dream Nation xx

Classic Style Blog said...

that place look colorfull..curious how it would be to visit /Marie

Lola X said...

Love it!

Lola x

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