30 Jan 2012

Is Our Wardrobe Just An Extension Of Our Home?

2) Princess and The Pea /minimalist style

Fashion week looming does strange things to a bloggers brain, this post is a case in point, it got me thinking for some bizarre reason about how often times our personal sense of style is an extension of our home, or for some of us living communally our bedrooms.

So I thought I would have a little fun and come up with 3 types of home owner/room dweller and their parallel style personality.

1) Ok so if your fill your home with the following items, mismatched furniture and china, you like the retro feel of a colourful knitted tea cosy on your teapot, cushions that you have made sit pertly in rows on your sofa and your bed, you can't throw anything away unless it has been subjected to a rigorous series of questions regarding its usefulness in your home. Then you are quite possibly someone who owns a pair of clogs, likes to layer, layer and the layer some more for good measure, nylon stretch tops leave you cold you would much prefer a scratchy wool kilt and a woven silk vest, basically you live for texture, so your sense of fashion is reflected in your homely cluttered style. It's either eco friendly or vintage for you all the way, as these are the options that give your home and your closet the texture hit you hanker after. You're a Material girl!

1) Material Girl/layering is your thing 

2) If on the other hand your home is furnished with chrome and granite and you favour sliding doors and blinds. You dislike plants or pets in your home and you have a cupboard to house your keys, well my guess is, sorry to be predictable! Your wardrobe is very stripped back too. You favour classic cuts over fast moving trends, a large flat clutch over a handbag, lace, frills, pattern and frou, frou bring you out in spots. Tailored pants, a bun with a side part and a good watches are your best friends. Function and form are the buzz words for your cool uncluttered style, but luxury fabrics and materials matter to you to. I'm calling you The princess and the pea, as if you know the fairy tale, the princess can feel the little tiny pea beneath a huge pile of mattresses, the pea is a metaphor for you having a high intolerance to anything surplus to your own personal style. the great thing about your kind of style is your minimalist for a good reason to show off your ability to pick out the perfect detail to make that look shine.

3) Showgirl /Accesorise To The Max

3) Moving onto home loving number 3, you love your white walls, they make a great back drop for colourful works of art and photography you like to showcase on all your walls. You don't do kitchen cupboards, a big Danish dresser and sideboard is more to your liking, where you can display all your best china. You are an expert in choosing striking picture frames and mirrors. Your curtains are either brightly patterned or a hothouse of coloured silks and you like a little bit of sparkle so a chandelier might feature in your loo! All this adds up to a Showgirl, you are all about accessorise, if you can snare it, you will wear it, is your motto. Your style is larger than life think Dita Von Teese and Betty Boop.

Have you worked out which one is you,? Me to! If you would like to have access to more silly style advice and some very useful style advice hopefully! Then sign up to My Passport To Style  fashion posts by email  top right of this blog now!

Photo credits- thehollywoodstory.com, glamcheck.com and fashioninyear.com 



Kitty M said...

Happy Wednesday Sharon hope you are having a good week.

Think I am a Number 3 Showgirl with a little dash of No 1 Granny Chic. Definately not the Minimalist No 2 :-)

Which one are you? x

My Passport To Style said...

Hi Kitty, thanks for stopping by and sharing your style, I'm a material girl, I love my fabric and mingling it!

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