19 Jun 2012

My Passport To Style | New Meaning For The Term Bromance

Umbrella Stuffed With Flowers
Mary Poppins Not Mary Portas Is Responsible For A Nation Of Brolly Lovers

I have always loved brollies, umbrellas and since I live in a pretty wet country it's perhaps just as well. My bromance (the word I have adopted to mean brolly love) with brollies started when I first watched Mary Poppins and it has stuck through thick and thin, like the time I made the mistake of going telescopic and buying a cheap mini brolly, that blew inside out after one use while the rain blatted down on me and the broken spokes from my sad little umbrella rattled across my skin, one by one as I simultaneously spat clumps of wet hair out from my mouth in a gollum like fashion and my waterproof mascara did a runner down my cheeks. I was not a pretty sight and vowed to get myself a brolly with a proper handle.

Why Your Brolly Can Be Your New BF
My latest umbrella is vintage, maroon with a Japanese print running along the edge in black and gold trim around the top of the curved wooden handle. Midsized it shields me perfectly and looks pretty stylish with my navy mac, shrimp pink jeans and gold pumps; the frustrated actress in me likes the bonus of an accessory that can take you from demure, peeping from behind your brolly as you twirl the handle, to spy in one swift move, as you use your brolly like a magic illusion, jamming it down over your eyes like the extra large brim of a hat, so others can't see you, but you can still see them perfectly, when invisibilty is required. If you can, I advise getting a large brolly with a strap that you sling across your shoulder, it will become your new bf I promise. If your looking for inspiration I have quite a collection on pinterest take your pick!  

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Smudgy Lady Twirls pretty Pink Umbrella

Stealing A Kiss By The Light Of The Moon



Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Your umbrella sounds lovely, though I'm glad to see the back of them for a few days! I will pop over and take a look at your Pinterest.

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

Indeed! It does sound very nice - I can understand totally why you would be having a bromance with it :)

Mat said...

hello! well i'm glad you found my blog then, yes i am based in blackpool and lived here nearly all my life. i want to get out but haven't found a suitable new beginning as yet, i work in manchester part time for a menswear brand too.

just been reading your about section, you sound like an interesting kind of person, will be checking out some more of your posts and following too. where are you based now then? i don't leave the house without a brolly, it's a death wish if you do.

Vicki said...

an umbrella full of flowers! well thats just plain awesome! :) x

mark louis said...

Beautiful Umbrella with a Beautiful Flowers. I think its a Perfect Gift for Umbrella Lovers. Very nice post thank you.

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