28 Jul 2012

Five Golden Rings, Three French Hens....

No I'm not going bonkers.You will see why the title of today's blog post is very appropriate.

Parisian Love Affair 

I'm back at home after a wonderful week's holiday in Paris, suffering from crepes, croissant and macaron withdrawal is no joke! The shock to my system was softened slightly by coming back just in time for the excitement of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, I love that a creative like Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) was chosen to create this event, his skill in bringing to life British history, punctuated by moments of the ridiculous and the breathtaking light displays was genius! It was thrilling watching the birds eye view of the landscape Danny Boyle created unfolding from the comfort of my sofa. For the volunteers and athletes involved the atmosphere must have been epic!

Is Karls Latest Line More Elvis Than Olympic? 

Quite a few fashion brands are establishing pop-up shops around the site of the 2012 Olympics and tying into the buzz around sportswear. After visiting Chanel in Paris I was not surprised to learn that Karl Lagerfeld wants in on the action in the UK too and has just launched a pop-up Olympic inspired collection for women. For the maestro of stiff collars it seems an unlikely fusion line, on the other hand if anyone knows how to work a uniform (which essentially is what sportswear is, albeit more relaxed) Lagerfeld does. His Olympic styled line up consists of detachable metallic sparkly collars in bronze, silver and gold, metallic splashed skinny jeans, medallion Ts and glittery white biker style jackets.

 Personally I'm not convinced, I love the Chanel classics (even if I can't afford them) and generally appreciate Karl's creativity and fearless approach to putting a spin on the classic lines of Chanel but this line feels like easy money and slightly blah rather than inspirational. Stella M is the queen of   sportswear design and knows how to fuse the ease of sportswear lines with her imaginative prints in her women's wear collections.  - methinks the maestro of collars is perhaps punching above his weight, what do you think? 

P.S I will be sharing my adventures in Paris with you on a weekly basis and splitting my time there into about four posts, I have a silly amount of snaps I want to share with you and thought this might be a better way to do it. Part one will feature this week so watch out for it! Sx

images courtesy of Vogue                   


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