7 Jul 2012

ModCloth Fashion | Empowering Shoppers

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ModCloth Fashion Empowers Shoppers

As I was skipping through cyber space today I happened upon a ModCloth sale, for those of you not familiar with this online boutique, it sells an eclectic mix of vintage inspired pieces by indie designers. Reading the husband and wife teams about page was refreshing, they believe that customer is king in the realm of fashion, they want to turn the way fashion can dictate our sense of style on its head and give some of the control back to the us, by allowing fans of their clothing label to vote for samples of clothing they want to see go into production  in this way we their customer, get to choose some of what we can buy from ModCloth.

 High Fashion Or Just Highly Unwearable? 

 The creativity of high fashion is thrilling, but at top fashion designer level, it really is solely the fashion designers creative process and their vision that eventually as I'm sure you are aware filters down to fashion brands on the high street, who then put their own spin on it. Hopefully making them wearable for us. As a personal stylist, following trends and making them work for the women that I work with is important, but on a personal level every now and again even with help of high street interpretation, there will be an extreme fashion trend that only a model could ever hope to carry off, yet it has saturated every nook and cranny of the high street to such a point, I feel forced to wear the latest style of trouser that do nothing for my shape or risk remaining trouserless for the new season.
What do you think? Do you ever struggle to make the new seasons trends wearable, or find your groove with some of last season's styles only to feel frustrated that the new seasons trends just don't reflect your personal sense of style?
Would you appreciate having more of a voice about which trends/ styles of clothing you would like to buy and wear, or do you think the fashion balance is as it should be and you would rather leave the hard work to fashion designers?  


Mat said...

i of course take note of the trends but don't really dress to fit in. that hat is wicked

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