3 Jul 2012

Missoni A Ray Of Sunshine

A while ago I blogged about my extreme brolly fetish, but I have to say even I am weary of having far too many opportunities to show off my brolly collection. I have almost given up all hope of ever seeing the sun again. So until my holiday (I promised I wouldn't ever say the F word again,  I know how tedious it can get when bloggers keep mentioning their intended holiday destination) I decided to go on a little virtual handbag shop to brighten up my day. Methinks with all the money saved on not buying a full summer wardrobe, splurging on one of these Missoni beauties might not feel that bad.

 My favourite designs are the bag with the zig zag pattern that looks like it was done with a wax crayon really quickly, what I have now lovingly dubbed the pineapple design, in yellow and the shoe lace small evening bag, which reminds me of those sewing cards you could get as a child with punched out holes that you threaded a long colourful lace through to create a shape. How about you, are you a Missoni fan? Do brightly coloured bags work to change your mood on a miserable day?  


fashionable frolickers

This chic little rectangle is just waiting to be filled with your thoughts ....