1 Jul 2012

Supercharged Kitten Heels

super aloof super beautiful Grace Kelly

Rockstud metal heel sling backs- by Valentino
With my road trip through France almost in sight, well almost two wee weeks away; for any Francophiles out there, I'm visiting Reims, Alsace - Lorraine, Champagney, Mont Blanc and Paris, my thoughts have turned to the thrill of finding the unexpected in the world of fashion.

To make a grand sweeping statement, much of fashion latest seasonal trends are made from recycling previous eras, punctuated by brave innovation from time to time, from the likes of Alexander Mcqueen or Jonathan Saunders. The fifties and sixties is such a strong force in the design world that the A-line shift dress has become a bit of a cult classic as has the shrunken cardi.

Denium and pink crochet Gilette -Urban Outfitters 

 I love it when I stumble across clothing and accessories where the detailing is a total contradiction of what we imagine the piece should be about, like this kitten shoe with stud detailing by Valentino and this denim and pink crochet jacket I love that in theory both of these reworked classics should be tacky and not work, both lace and studs have been done to death in my opinion, but the trashy Mexican feel of this denim jacket is so fairground and works perfectly and the sliver of silver studs on these cream kitten heels have ramped up their coolness factor to a level I liken to Grace kellys aloof beauty.

Blackpool Tower modelled on the Eiffel Tower in Paris 

 I hope I haven't bored you too much with my ramblings about my passion for finding the unexpected in fashion. I'm looking forward to finally seeing the Eiffel tower in Paris (since I often visited it's look alikey Blackpool Tower as a child) and sitting at a pavement cafe watching stylish Parisian people drift by.    
Eiffel Tower!


Mat said...

cheeky bpool mention there, nice work

Mat said...

i'm glad you enjoyed the post on the wallpaper project, sorry i forgot to reply. hope you found something inspiring

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