12 Jul 2012

Joining The Dots At | Louis Vuitton

 I was slightly peeved recently that a store I have worked with on a casual basis did not take forward my fashion branding idea to celebrate the stores first birthday, the brands colours are black and red and I felt a ladybird theme was perfect for this fun family clothing store. Oversized glasses with red or black spots and red or black frames were to feature as part of the staff look for the day combined with a very spotty window! I'm sharing this here, as I believe taking risks and putting your ideas out there is an important part of being creative, developing your own sense of style and becoming a success, even if we don't always shout about our rejections. As you know I love Japanese design and have a soft spot (no pun intended !) for genius Marc Jacobs. 

 I recently discovered Louis Vuittons latest collaboration with 83 year old Japanese artist Kusama which has resulted in a very spotty collection and was pretty chuffed to note the dotty/spotty glasses in the promo shots. On the face of it the designs seem really simple, but by mixing up the size of the spots and using clever colour combinations, the pieces have an exciting energy. My favourite pieces are the black spots on yellow and the (I love how the colour tricks the eye into thinking cheetah print) transparent plastic mac, so fun, I knew Marc would have to slip some plastic into the collection. What do you think of this latest collaboration for Louis Vuitton, a bad case of measles or super stylish? 



Winnie said...

Yayoi Kusama is so nutty, she's an awesome artist and her art work is a sensory overload - in a good way! It's so great to see this collaboration with Marc Jacobs, the yellow and black dress is amazing.

Mat said...

spots are always really eye catching, i love seeing spotty clothes on spotty backgrounds

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

lovely to see that the rejection of your spotty idea hasn't sent you dotty and inspired this most pointillistic post! (phew....used up all my spotty/dotty words!)

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