16 May 2011

Hot Tips For Successful Hat Hunting!


Get your Hat Right And The Rest WILL Follow! 
With the fairy dust of the Royal Wedding just settling, your thoughts might have turned to what hat or hairstyle to wear for a friends special day. Here are some top style tips which should help you keep your cool on even the hottest wedding day. If your just looking for the perfect excuse to look uber fashionable with your new hat and hair style, then why not plan a day at the races? I know it's a little bit backwards booking an event just to wear a hat, but really something's in life are just so worth it!!
Key headwear trends for spring/summer 2011, what you need to know
Fedoras, straw trilby's and large floppy hats in woven straws and various colours and patterns are huge this season. As ever fascinators are a good alternative for hat shy girls or those on a budget, this year they are less frothy and delicate and more sculptural  aka Philip Treacy .
A hat For Every Face Shape
If you have one of those sweet round peachy faces, be happy as you will always look 25! However if you do want to accentuate  your cheekbones reach for a hat with height like a fedora, this will give you the appearance of a longer face, which instantly slims the face, I often use this trick  to balance my bone structure as I have a very small forehead.
Feline long featured ladies such a SJP opt for a colourful straw trilby, but avoid wearing it at a jaunty angle, wear the brim straight ahead to balance a long face. Try Reiss for a great range.
Large forehead  hat dilemma? Opt for a medium brimmed hat and stay away from the bright stripy numbers that are around at the moment.
If you are lucky enough to have a oval face shape you suit every hat style going! Make like Audrey Hepburn and go for a huge and fashionably floppy straw. Don't want to look too attention grabbing wear a neutral coloured straw, teamed with  the perfect summer frock and wedges for pretty 70s cool. If on the other hand you do end up at the races, go all out in a bright colour, studded with flowers or bedecked with vibrant stripes! Both M&S and asos offer great value in the hat department.
Wondering about hat hair or how to style your hair when wearing a particular hat?
The simple rule is the smaller the brim the smaller the hair. Wearing a trilby? Pixie short hair or a low bun, fat plait or pony looks super cool. Apply the same fashion maths if you opt for a fascinator, whether you choose a clean or busy style make sure hair looks minimal to ensure you turn heads for the right reasons!
  Opting for a floppy straw or felt fedora? Long 70S waves look great with this style or classic poker straight shiny hair works well too.  



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