23 May 2011

Which Shoes Go With Which Maxi Dress??

Hi Gals, after talking to a super stylish friend of mine that was looking to give her maxi dress wardrobe a fresh twist in time for her long awaited holiday to Mexico but at a complete loss as to which which shoes to choose to wear with which type of maxi dress, I decided to post a few potential pairings to help her out! Lady Luck should be reserved for raffles only!  

sneakers are a great low key shoe alternative worn with vibrant striped maxis and olive green looks sophisticated when worn with peach and navy.

 Lace is huge this spring/summer 20011, and these flesh coloured pom pom flats will create a textured but pretty story when working a lace maxi dress. Alternatvely rev up the style stakes for those that are more daring and want to dally with drama, wear some bright slipper style pumps, like these below that give a Morrocan flavour to your look, break out the turkish delight and apple tea!

Ok so we have covered two of the three most popular maxi dress looks this season, lace and stripes, so for the third and final pairing, it had to be a floral print, here are a few alternatives to ground this whymsical seventies inspired alternative.

Cut out pointy flats in electric suede lend themselves to a more casual look that still keys into the opulent fashions of this period, texture was key and clashing textures and colours in brights, create a more contemporary feel. I love these rope and raffia wedges in coral and grey with a white stripe running through below, they would elevate my finale maxi pick, to a high glamour look for an evening by the pool, big hair is a must!


Hope you had fun, sharing some options for what shoes to wear with which summer maxi dress styles. I know I did!

credits go to Bells & Whistles and Fashion Era 

                                       Sharon x



fashionismyh2o said...

I adore maxi dresses and am always looking for new ideas for shoes to wear with them so thankyou for this post! Lovely ideas and the dresses that are featured are gorgeous!

Great blog - following you now :)


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