30 May 2011

Move Up A Grade With Haute School Style


Remember the buzz of a brand new shiny pencil case and book bag? Your secret delight of the squeak of newness in those shoes that you had convinced mum were more than sensible enough, all easing the pain of the first day back to school after the long summer break. How about injecting a little of that nostalgia into your work wear wardrobe? The new preppy, is long and cool like a mint julep. Office boys beware, we squeak!    

eco laptop bag by Helen Riegle

                                       Sharon x


polkadotpeticoat said...

Love those shoes!

Sarah Klassen said...

First off, thank you for the lovely comment that you left on my blog the other day -- so kind. Secondly, those are such fabulous shoes...

Hope you are having a great day.

Regards, Sarah

koralee said...

How sweet is all of this!!! I am sooooo loving those green shoes...and that tartan lunch box..pure joy.

Hope you are well my friend. xoxoxo

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