19 May 2011

Touche Eclat Launches Beauty Bible Top Rated Favourites Today!

  Hi Gals,

With all the new makeup trends around, a gal can have one to many options, but one thing is for sure dark shadows don't team well with any makeup or outfit choices, as we age the skin under our eye gets thinner which can mean, we have a annoying grey, or bluish tinge under our eyes. My eye essential, when working with clients to create a perfectly groomed look, has to be a good quality under eye concealer and if you have not yet tried the diva of them all Touch Elclat, now is the time, as YSL launched today, not one, not two, but seven shades of their shadow banishing elxir, (available at selfridges UK, nation wide from the 4th of August) as voted number one under eye concealer in the Beauty Bible. Generally brighter shades of eye shadow are harder to wear, unless you have a flawless canvas to start with, but most women can get away with using a bright eyeliner or masacara. If you still want to achieve impact with a more natural makeup, try this hot tip to really make your eyes colour stand out, line the upper eye with one colour and the lower eye with a contrasting colour, this opens the eye up whilst making your whites sparkle. Can I let you into a little secret, I even wear this concealer alone on my brow bone to get the same effect as Bobbie Browns - bone shadow. Have you had success using this product, any tips on where to use it on the face?

                                 Sharon x x


liz said...

perfect for summer!!!

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