28 May 2011

Unplug Your Iron Take The Battery Out Of Your Mobile And Have An Adventure!


Dear Gals,

If today has been one of those dull, boring, stressful days, where you feel like nothing has quite gone as it should, chances are your in need of a little magical moment in your life, how does a road trip in a Cadillac sound? Thelma and Louise style. Or perhaps clutching onto the luxury pile of a Persian carpet while you do a little freewheeling up in a cloudless blue sky, imagine your favourite city or landscape laid out before you begging you to land where ever you choose. Ok so this might be a bit of a tall ask, after all flying carpets only exist in fairy tales right? Well yes, but how about the next best thing, the eastern mystery of a carpet bag made from Persian carpet to inspire a new adventure every day, just looking at these authentic Persian prints on the glossy pile of these carpet bags from carpetbags.co.uk gave me the chills!

If you need tempting any further to join the Kingdom of a Persian princess Carpet Bag are offering this trio of Persian purses to choose from, all hand made in the UK where they are designed at a discount, perfect for carrying lucky coins to throw into your favourite fountain or wishing well.

If like me you feel that filling your luxury flight bag with any less than the choicest travel companions might throw you off your sartorial stride, cowsheds online store, carries the perfect cashmere set for those serious about a relaxing travel experience, contents include, cashmere mini hot water bottle, blanket, eye mask and socks.

So what of those spontaneous, gals, who like high style but with plenty of low maintenance attitude out there? Well the Cadillac might just need to be traded in for a four by four for your road trip depending on what part of the world you live in. If you heading to Cuba or the US you might strike lucky,but if not, here's the next best thing to riding in a Cadillac a sleek shoulder bag by Kim White, that has all the charm of a Cadillac without the price tag, puzzled as to the connection, Kim's Whites ethically designed bag's are made from reclaimed vintage automotive textiles.

1980s Ford Mustang - Blue and Black optical small shoulder bag

 Great for swinging over your shoulder as your saunter into roadside eateries with the gal's and explore the outback that is your own private adventure. I felt dizzy with excitement at the texture, pattern and colour that this unusual source of fabric's brings to Kim Whites unique designer collection. A little squirt of 70's style, engine oil, never hurts to bring out the bohemian in us all!

1978 Ford Mustang - red stripe large shoulder bag

Now that your getting close to mother nature and all that she has to offer, how to hold onto this newfound carefree feeling for as long as possible?

 Number one consign all said travel iron's to the boot of your car (the locals all drip dry their clothing on bushes, its much kinder to the planet and the baking heat will see they speed dry and are fresh as a daisy) number two, stylish casual clothing made from fibres that don't crease and resist perspiration are pretty much a major priority when you and three gals are holed up in your car together whilst you hunt down that perfect roadside stop off, not on your map! Smelling like a rose takes on fresh importance believe me! Scratching your head on where to find this elusive easy wear that is not made of synthetic fibres that pollute the environment or need ironing or dry cleaning?

 Visit natureshop.co.uk and go to the versatile Merino Travel Wear from their super fine range (Nature Shop are currently offering a 20% discount on this range and keen and Simple footwear, but only till the 29th of May 2011) layer up for extra warmth,when those cold night's draw in and your huddled around the campfire, listening to the crackle and smelling the woodsmoke, playing that harmonica you brought just encase or perhaps guitar is more your style ....


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