21 May 2011

Internation Jewellery Designer Sabine Roemer Launches Her Charity - From You With Love


Hi Gals,

 some of you may remember I interviewed the beautiful Sabine Roemer, internationally renowned Jewellery designer here on My Passport to Style, the interview is on the sidebar incase you missed it.

Sabine has just  launched a charity 'from you with Love' to help the people of Laduka where she was stranded last year due to floods that devestated the landscape and killed many people leaving orphaned children behind to look after themselves. Sabine was so overwhelmed by the kindness of local people there and their suport to help her and her team reach safety and return home after losing loved ones themselves, she wanted to find away to repay their kindness.

If you would like to support the charity by buying one the beautiful bracelets Sabine designed herself from brass below to signify the need to care for others, or find out more about how the money raised from the sale of the bracelet with be used to help the people of Ladakh please go to  

By purchasing one of these beautiful bracelets you will be helping to support the Buddhist community in Ladakh, India through From You With Love. Thank you!!! Sabine Roemer

 Sharon x


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