24 Sep 2011

Cardigan The Home Of The Last Jeans Factory In The Uk, Is Back For Business!

As a British gal who is passionate about championing home-grown clothing labels that will help with the re growth of our industry in the UK and our economy, Inspired and proud does not come close to how I felt after discovering the man with what can only be described as a calling to bring the fiercely competitive industry of denim production back to its roots in Cardigan in the UK. Speaking as a fashion blogger, I feel the heritage, craftsmanship and ethics behind a label, can often be lost behind the gloss of fashion but I like Hiatte believe we have reached an important tipping point where the fashionable do care how and where their clothing is produced and are also starting to understand that the survival of our country not just the fashion industry, is dependent on are supporting the growth of home- grown brands here in the UK.

What better way to end fashion week in the UK than with by reinstating the production of jeans in Cardigan. Did you know women in the UK spend more money on their denim than in any other country? To find out more about the entrepreneur and his project, read Hiattes inspiring philosophy on business, please visit here, spread the word and support the project!


Winnie said...

Oh I totally want a new pair of jeans now Sharon. I wear skirts and dresses a lot, but I love wearing jeans too- they're definitely a staple! Great post!

Jennifer Lopez perfume said...

Designers of clothing labels should be encouraged to use natural materials instead of synthetic ones. There had been designers doing this stuff for quite sometimes and i have to say that they are worth applauding.

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