19 Sep 2011

My Passport To Style | I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning With F

This frow fashion image is one of absoloute favourites from the week, it's like an old historical oil painting, in that you keep spotting new images and symbols and our left to ponder on there significance and meaning. I love how Charlotte dellal has elevated the overdone 50's pin up look and made it look so fresh and soft, loving her seashell art deco shirt print and her giant oyster shell hat is perfectly decadent for ocassion, she looks so comfortable her look does not look the slightest bit gimmicky . I'm also enthralled by the the guy that has been captured in the background, is it a clergyman off duty? Or a man sporting a short white roll neck and long black coat jacket to capture this seasons hot monchrome look that many are sporting this season?     

I had to chuckle at this tangle of back lace legging and cutout black leather wedges, which just make this front row snap look like it was uniform day on the front row, shame, I thought fashion today was all about pleasing your own asthetic.

Pixie Geldof looked in my opinion effortless and beautiful, loving her hair and makeup, she has great shoulders.


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