3 Sep 2011

My Passport to Styles | The Taming Of The Shoe


Hi Gals,

do you ever wrestle with yourself about posting a burning opinion on something fashion related, just encase you offend? Well that was how it was for me when deciding whether or not to publish this post to share here on My Passport to Style . You see as much as I adore the world of fashion and am thrilled by the way fashion designers encourage women to reinvent themselves and inspire our daily lives with their creations. There is one particular trend in the kingdom of shoe wear that leaves me cold, the trend for what I term crooked heels, I just don't understand how this trend so beloved of Alexandra McQueen fans is in anyway aesthetically pleasing, maybe I am missing a particular gene that would help me appreciate the beauty of these shoes??! Incidentally I love much of McQueens clothing and I am fairly flamboyant in my sense of dress and love quirky designs that push the boundaries of fashion and style. Like most stylists I love to reinvent a look, putting my own unique spin on it, but to me a shoe is supposed to flatter the limbs of the wearer as well as make a fashion statement, the design of the heel and the front of the shoe play a crucial part in that role.

 Whilst I appreciate the role of attention grabbing shoes in boosting confidence and making women feel invincible do we really need the equivalent of a dinosaur on the end of our feet to do that? Surely this over engineering of heels which has I admit become hugely popular lately is just attention grabbing for its own sake or perhaps we are all so smitten but the greatness of the late Alexandra McQueen and his collection that we just can't see it. So for now I'm sticking to my classic wedge, stiletto and block heels this A/W, whilst still feeling that perhaps I am missing out on something to do with the greatness of fashion and design but I'm not sure what. I guess that's the beauty of fashion today, like freedom of speech, it's allows us the freedom to enjoy fashion in all its many forms for ourselves.What's your view on the trend for crooked heels? I would love to know your opinion am I missing out? 



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