17 Sep 2011

My Passport to Style | Marc Jacobs Brings The Great Gatsby Into The Future

Marc Jacobs - Sportwear inspired

Sheer stocking and fabrics


Betty Jackson - snake skin chain

I really enjoyed watching Mark Jacobs spring 2012 collection, to sum it up, it was flapper girls gets futuristic; lots of sheer and shiny looks. Great cuts, elegance by the bucket load, drop waists, neat jackets, sharply pointed Mary Jayne's and cowboy booties made from plastic, with a transparent neck that elongated the leg so cleverly, he conjured up so many body lengthening tricks throughout his collection I was dizzy trying to keep up with them! It would take pages to unpack them all and one very large suitcase! Fabrics had the looks the look and feel of plastics, or may even have been the real thing, how you would wash them without melting them, who knows or even cares. The use of this material gave the collection a youthful exuberance which I loved. I swooned over his palette, an unusual collection of greens, cool sophisticated greys and mint green and warm caramel and acidic yellows. Casual pieces were smart and sporty with a distinctly 1930's tennis girl style.

I love it when you find an accessory that you know will slot into a next season range your excited by, this Betty Jackson chain by Jon Richard will do just that, grey snakeskin is the perfect accessory to work with Marcs cool mint greens, greys and silvers and those chic drop waists and cowboy booties!


Winnie said...

I'm really loving the yellow that is creeping up in all the SS12 collections at the moment. Makes me very glad that I bought a bright yellow blouse in the Summer. Will be wearing that constantly!

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