8 Oct 2011

My Passport To Style | Granny Gives Long Distance Beauty Tips!

Hi Gals, grannys not around right now she is enjoying the sea air off the Almafi coast, however she decided that readers of My Passport To Style might apreciate her insight when it comes to matters relating to personal grooming and beauty. I have to confess to getting slightly huffy as I had something planned for this slot, however Granny it such a charmer she won me round and her second slot here, given that Granny says a blog is just a inflated word for diary she is doing pretty well to put in a second appearance! So after a long drawn out phone call with granny. She imparted the following hard won wisdom regarding a beauty regime that she credits with keeping her looking the way she does. I was not about to tell her I had been doing it all wrong, but was very was suprised to learn that Granny credits her svelte nose that I have long admired, to nights spent with a clothes peg at the end of her nose! You have to admire her courage!

Grannys hard won beauty and grooming tips

1. Granny credits washing in cold water as the secret to small pores and silky smooth skin.

2.Next she advices to only sleep on your back, if your marital snuggles suffer,so be it she says sternly, this is the only route to reducing the wrinkes around your eyes.

3.Granny says that in her day bloating had never been heard of and neither had passing on the bread basket! She credits her slim tum and tight jaw line to chewing each mouthful of food one hundred times!

4. Next she advocates only wearing fitted clothing or if you are wearing somthing loose to always wear a belt with no acceptions, the reason which was drilled into her by her ballet instructor is good posture, if we are aware of our tummy and our waist we are more likely to pull them in, thus strengthening the muscles which leads to a flatter stomache. 

Bellissimo granny!

credits - hubpages.com


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