15 Oct 2011

My Passport To Style | Jonathan Saunders Auntumn/Winter 2011

Every now and then you find a designer that knocks you off balance such is their level of skill and creativity, they are not as many designers do, simply reworking the styles of the past into something fresh they are creating purely from within themselves and their own library of creations. Scottish designer Jonthan Saunders with a BA in textile designs is able to do this and the magic ingredient used, is his abillity to elevate the world of print and colour to a whole other level, take this simple shift dress, that is printed to look like a two piece, great for short waisted women like myself as it creates the illusion of a longer waist not using cut, but colour and print.

 Bunny In The Headlights!

 When I first spotted this dress, I was like a bunny caught if the headlights, (Saunders clothes do that to you, they draw you into their world) when an animal flashed into my head.Want to know what it was? A sleek black panther with brilliant green eyes, before you think I have lost the plot, when I broke it down I realised that my association with the designer and this animal was more than just about the colours used such as the black and the large green diamond used to ofset the tunic top of the dress, the connection to a panther is more about the air of mystery and supreme confidence Sauders designs evoke, the foilage prints are very organic but he has cleverly mixed acid brights with neutrals that give a edgy feel and contrasted that with the bold placement of large geometric shape, that adds up to a sleek sequence of pattern, shape and colour.

Fearless Beauty

 These are timeless clothes, for confident women who know who they are and are drawn to the exotic, they are fearless in their approach to life, not suprisingly Saunders stately following includes Madonna and Michelle Obamma. I could lock myself in a room of his prints and be lost for hours in their beauty, this award Scottish designer is a design talent of epic proportions who understands who to flatter a womens shape.



fashionable frolickers

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