5 Oct 2011

My Passport To Style | Lulu Guiness's Winter 2011 Handbags

Hi Gals, this winter 2011 collection of Lulu Guiness's handbags proclaims she is a genius, not only in designing beautiful creative bags that draw us into her world of fantasy, but how many other handbag brands do you know that market themselves so effortlessly? Without the need for expensive marketing campaigns and props, Lulu Guiness's range must be every department stores dream. Well this simple display has worked it's magic on me anyway, I want this modette inspired family of handbags including mum top right, with her huge fish like eyes, that I would have to name Beryl, big sister top left and cute little sister bottom right. To not keep the family together would just feel really wrong! I'm guessing Lulu was banking on the strong bond we feel for women in our familes, when she designed the trio and even if my phsyco babble is misplaced, you can bet that there will be sisters, mums and girlfriends out there this Christmas buying these bags for each other! Do you have a favourite Lulu Guiness bag? I would love to know which one and why you treasure it?   


NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

I have a little change purse of hers but these bags are adorable! Always love to pop in her shops in the city as fun to just browse!

koralee said...

These are simply adorable my friend...would love to have one of her handbags. xoxox

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