1 Oct 2011

My Passport To Style | Granny Dishes The Dirt On Natural Stain Removal

favourite A-line blue silk shift dress

 With wear it for one evening only dressing, becoming a distant memory and the party season fast approaching. I was discussing the merits of certain stain removers with granny after getting peppercorn sauce down the front of my favourite silk dress. Granny loves to offer her advice when it comes to dressing for special occasions, grooming and keeping your wardrobe in pristine condition. Granny firmly believes that she is more Italian than Italian women when it comes to dressing stylishly and as she spends half the year off the Almafi coast on her sun lounger sucking on huge fragrant lemons the size of a baby's head, (she still believes they prevent rickets) she probably is!

 Granny knew that the thought of unleashing a stain devil and all its toxins onto my favourite silk dress and into my home was causing me some concern, so she came to the rescue with her top four natural stain removing techniques. You may be  pleased to know gals, if you have the ingredients at home to make your own custard, your more than half way towards saving yourself money and death by chemicals when it comes to stain removal. I have to confess Granny triumphed and saved my dress! 

Grannys Top Secret Stain Removal Techniques

1. Remove red wine, by placing tying the stained garment over the top of a large pudding basin and then pour boiling water over the top of the stain, the red wine will run through the garment.
orange 60's kettle with print

2.Remove fresh fat and oil stains by rubbing cornflour gently into the stain and leaving for 20 minutes before washing through.

Great natural stain remover milk

3.Remove biro by soaking the mark in milk and leaving over night then washing through.

palette knife perfect for tough gum that won't budge

4.Remove chewing gum, by placing the garment in the freezer till hard and then gently scraping of with a palette knife.

cornflour to thicken custard can be used to remove fat stains

Glam lady eating pasta politely

If you know of any other natural stain removers that have worked for you I would love to know them!


Karena said...

Sharon so great to get this advice!!
Especially about the red wine! Ha!


Art by Karena

Liv said...

Loving your granny! Does she have a blog that I can follow? A You Tube channel, perhaps?

Happy weekend!xx

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