28 Oct 2011

My Passport To Style | Hip Halloween

My two favourite Halloween couple looks this year, have to be Kelly O and her boyfriend and Henry Holland and Agness Dean. If your stuggling to create a Halloween look, my style tip is start with a great pair of tights for inspiration, tights please does really unusual and fun styles, from giant stars to bingo balls by Henry Holland. I like off the wall Halloween costumes, I once created a costume for my little boy that was a giant piece of moldy cheese with a rat nibling on it!Last year I dressed as poison Ivy and made my costume using green velvet, lots of red feathers and red face paint. Happy Halloween GALS!


Liv said...

Happy Halloween Sharon!!!
The bacon and eggs is too cute, and your son's costume sounds fantastic. I wish I had the skills to sew up something of my own but I was lucky enough to have a good friend and my beloved Mamma pitch in to make me Jem costume. I'm 33 and my Mommy's still making me Halloween costumes... I love it! :-)


Kori Donahue said...

Adorable costumes! Your post would be great for my linkup today for Fashion Friday. If you want to link up and get some traffic and new followers, just edit your post, add the button from my linkup and link back to me, then republish post! That's it! Hope you can be a part of it. Have a great weekend honey! Kori xoxo


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