16 Oct 2011

My Passport To Style | Reviews Sacred Locks Range For Thick And Wavy Hair

At the risk of sounding a little ungrateful naturally wavy hair is not all about glamorous shiny bouncing waves, I have lost count of the number of damp northern days that have left me with a halo of frizz so big I have dared not venture out of the house without jamming a hat firmly on my head first, I have tried many so called hair smoothing serums, however some of them contain so many chemicals they have left my sensitive's scalp in a mess and the effects have been short lived. Whilst on my monthly quest to find the one, I came across green beauty bible award winner Sacred Locks by Louise Galvin and was able to review her collection for thick or curly hair here on My Passport To Style, much to my delight.
No Nasties Here

The ingredients list which include lemon peel oil, mandarin orange oil, geranium macutalum oil and martini oil sound so deliciously fragrant I feel like sprinkling them over my morning porridge. However instead I decide to put the range through its paces.

With no Petrochemicals, Synthetic, with no SLS, PEG’s, Parabens , Silicone, I felt reassured that no nasty toxins would be entering my scalp or polluting the planet, the smell of the shampoo was subtle but pleasant, like a lot of non chemical shampoos the lather is not as full, but more than adequate. I have only recently started dying my hair and have found out one of the unpleasant effects of this is that my hair goes straw like when rinsed and get matted during the rinsing process even before I used the conditioner my hair did not mat and felt much smoother. The conditioner contains honey and vegetable proteins which is supposed to help with curl definition and the Sacred Locks hair mask has a very nice uplifting orange scent and uses seaside plum a natural silicone which are included to help smooth chemically damaged hair without creating build up.

Blow Dry Time And The Moment Of Truth

Usually I steer clear of blow drying my hair as it is often the enemy of my frizz prone locks and let my hair dry naturally, but wanting to test the range to the max I decided to blow dry my hair using my diffuser, I was left with soft waves that were much more defined, no halo of frizz and lovely sheen to my dark hair. Result! The Sacred Locks shampoo for thick or wavy hair retails at £22.00. the conditioner £24.00 and the hair masque £26.00 which for a specialist carbon neutral range which boasts Emily Blunt as one of its fans is pretty competitively priced.  

I was also sent sacred locks environmentally friendly colour removal kit which I will review here next time, as have decided to use semi permanent natural dyes on my hair which are less likely to cause cancer than some of the more aggressive chemical dyes available, but would like to take my base colour back to its true original colour by stripping out permanent dye used in the past. Visit founder Louise Galvin and her award winning green product range here.


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