25 Jul 2009

Alternative Yummy Bridal Accessories to Satisfy The Duchess In You

Hi All, thought you brides to be striving for an alternative bridal look, might appreciate a little Style inspiration for your big day. Accessories can elevate a pretty Bridal look to one which is breathtaking and memorable, which lets be honest, we all want. So here is a round up of some of my current favourites, to drool over. These bespoke couture items don't come cheap, but you won't regret spending a penny of your money I promise! Who cares about whether or not you will ever wear that headdress or shoes again!!! In fact please don't approach buying your bridal accessories that way, it kills the magic of being brave enough to tune in to what, if you were your most beautiful and confident self (which you are on your wedding day) you would choose to wear. Headdresses from a range at Plumed Serpant, silk bags and boots from Rossetti Couture and the beautiful Snow Queen look at the top of the page, showcases accessories from a range at Sasso.
P.S still struggling? Enlist my help, I specialise in alternative bridal Styling and creating original mother of the bride looks, as well as helping you piece together the perfect honeymoon capsule wardrobe. email me at sharonstyle@fsmail.net Sharon x


Jonathan Bean Photography said...

Wild! I'll be sure to recommend you to my clients looking for something a little alternative.

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