31 Jul 2009

Marie Claire Roadshow at The Malmaison Hotel in Manchester

Hi again,
I visited one of my favourite Manchester hotels yesterday evening the Malmaison above, I adore its opulent slightly masculine style,varying shades of bitter chocolate and cherry velvet and satin at every turn. I have decided if the Mal was a garment it would definitely be a sensual smoking jacket and I could certainly picture the dark, brooding, mysterious Sherlock Holmes there puffing on his pipe.

So why did I happen to be there? I decided to indulge my creative side and take part in a writers roadshow organised by Marie Claire magazine.The star of the event and on the panel, taking questions and answers from aspiring writers such as myself was Katie Regan featured in the final picture here in Morecambe, right next to my home town, Lancaster. She started a blog when she was living in Morecambe about the trials and tribulations of getting pregnant to her close friend, egg. She has since moved to London and gone onto publish her first book, One Thing Led To Another, it was really inspiring to hear her talk so passionately about the process of writing, I'm sure all you bloggers out there can relate to that!
See you again soon. Sharon x


Daisy said...

Hey! I saw that you had gone to the Manchester event from Lauren's blog. I really enjoyed it too- was really interesting. And loved the Malmaison hotel- so gorgeous!

Laura said...

Hi, I've just seen your comment on cupcakesandcherries.blogspot.com about looking for North West bloggers and I thought I'd recommend afeitar.blogspot.com!

Shawn Horting said...

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