5 Jul 2009

Your very own piece of Cherry Lane

One of my favourite films is Mary Poppins,I love the scene where she reaches into her carpet bag and coolly unpacks her lamp.Woven rugs to me have always exuded mystery and magic. So today when sales frenzy has probably reached every corner of the globe (I know that globes don't have corners,but isn't it a fun expression to use?) I decided to feature what I think are probably the most breath taking bags on earth, from carpetbags.
Loretta's Story (the company founder) has very humble beginnings, in 1974, she moved from London to Bury St Edmund's in Suffolk.With the aim of helping set up charitable organisation Green Desserts,which was interested in raising funds to help with the refertilisation of dessert wasteland.During this time, she enjoyed visiting dead stock auctions where she would bid for a variety of bric a brac, she would purchase anything that caught her eye particularly old mirrors and remnants of old Persian carpet.
It was during this time that members of the charity asked if she had any ideas for items that could be sold at the May Horse Fair to raise money for the charities work.Keen to contribute, she was inspired to make some bags using the the remnants of the carpet she had collected and a old treadle sewing machine her friend had given her.Following a disappointed day at the fair, Loretta undeterred decided to take her bags to London to sell to Harrods and Liberty,they sold immediately. A week later repeat orders came flooding in from both stores,the rest is history.
Today they use copies of images of Persian rugs printed onto heavy duty cotton as it has been increasingly difficult to source old pieces of carpet,the bags themselves are still hand crafted individually and sold online, in London and in Loretta's shop in Cambridge shire. Visit carpetbags to see more of the companies beautiful designs. These bags really do live up to the concept of a bag for life, as once bitten forever smitten!
Sharon x


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These remind me of old carpet bags. Love them.

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