8 Jul 2009

Ruche Tribe women do it better!

Today I'm going to show you how you can turn the eternal folksy style dial up a notch, to a new look with real bite, Tribal glam, by enlisting the help of my friends at Ruche so essentially extended the wearabilty of your Summer wardrobe. Starting at the bottom of the page, when building a new look I believe one of the easiest ways is to start with your footwear. So hence I had to choose these gorgeous eco gladiator sandals by Rocket dog for Ruche, which work well with my favourite piece in their collection the Anacaona aztec chiffon dress, these talenter feather earrings and the bamboo large wooden tote This look is Tribal Glam at is best and if your looking for a slick dinner party look with attitude or special occasion look this has to be it!
Tribal Glam look number two, consists of this Kaleidoscope of fresh floral colours in this Silk Peony embodied tube dress, worn with multi coloured hoop earrings, Kohala wooden rock bracelet and Gerbradaisy hobo bag in cheddar, you have to buy this if only to announce its name at parties, what a name!
My Glam Tribal look number three, features Ruches Bristle brush strokes dress, so hot from the runway inspired looks, its still smoking! Wear with these purrfect acrylic Bengal cat earrings, gold frosted bracelet or maybe not, there might not be one left for me and this elegant Bamboo large wooden tote. All at Ruche.
Hope you have enjoyed the chance to super size your chic with my mini master class in Tribal Glam, till next time.
Sharon x


koralee said...

So nice to meet you...thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...your blog is lovely...i do love the bag...i am on the hunt for the perfect summer bag...no luck yet! Will be back!

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