19 Jul 2009

Autumn/ Winter Coat Trend Alert & Style Guidance 2009

This trend has real substance, it oozes confidence, poise and strength and is so accessible. As with many trends you have to believe in what your wearing to carry it off.I love and welcome the trend for necklaces worn over coats for many reasons as in image three, trench worn with long necklace, hot off the Burberry catwalk. A coat is usually our biggest investment of the season, so it is great to be given permission to adorn them in new and innovative ways, with different accessories which can inspire a whole range of exciting new looks. A necklace worn over a coat can have regal connotations, think the Elizabethan period , or equally help to achieve a dynamic folklore look, using vibrant colors.Important points to remember when choosing the right necklace is to balance the proportions of the necklace with the neckline of your coat. A collarless fitted coat dictates you wear your necklace high just over the collar line, if your coat has a big collar and is fitted at the waist you need to wear long layers of necklaces or one long strand that hangs at the navel.If you decided to channel this hot trend this autumn, I would love to see a picture, post one in if you want it to feature on the site.

P.S it goes without saying hooded coats in particular parkas are a no go area when it comes to this trend!

Sharon x


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