27 Jul 2009

Thunderbirds are go!!!

Hi again, looking for an enduring colour to invest in this winter? Whatever the occassion that will see you well into spring 2010 , then it has to be pink! Pink is the colour of preference on every Autumn/Winter catwalk right now for good reason it is the colour of optimisim, somthing we all crave right now. Want to feel happy? Wear pink! As a Style Consultant I help women, dress for work, play and special occassions, such as weddings. Part of that process is putting together a palette of colours that they can wear, durring our Colour Consultation together. This summer, dip your toe into a marshmallow wonderland of pinks and reap the benefits of owning a slice of this versatile colour now and durring the winter season. Indulge your Lady Penelope and introduce at least one pink item into your Wardrobe, whether it is a pink wool pencil skirt for work, a pink mac or some metalic pink shoes for that wedding you have been invited to. Want to rock the 80s vibe? Clash hot pink with bannana yellow or bright orange and don those black shades. Paler skin tones suit peony pinks and sugary neon tones, olive and bronze skin tones can wear hot fushia pinks. Style Tip- If you have a sallow skin tone, wear pink on your bottom half, rather than right next to your face, or break it up by wearing as a cardigan or jacket with some pattern or white. Don't over bronze the face it can make pink look cheap. Still feeling a little chicken? Add some shocking pink buttons to that black or grey coat for a edgy look. Or why not have fun wearing a pair of pink earrings like the hearts featured here from Rokit or a ring perhaps.
Sharon x


Fiona Bianchi said...

The bag is a must have for ever stylish geek! Where can I get it!!! :D

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