9 Oct 2009

Dear Diary Event- Day 5: Thank You Everyone and See You Soon! x

Morning,Afternoon&Evening everyone!
If you're reading this we are almost at the end of our 'Dear Diary' week to help aid cervical cancer.

I hope myself and Lauren have helped, even in a small way, to raise awareness of the importance of making a date in your diary and booking your cervical smear test.

A big thank- you for sticking with us throughout the week - we've really appreciated all your kind comments and support!

Watch this space for the winners of our Dear Diary Heals that Heal competition. We'll be posting all the fantastic entries up here @ 7pm UK time (and on Lauren Loves...) and announcing who's won the goodies.

May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who's helped out this week,big thanks to Maria Conifer, who designed a super stylish button to help raise awareness for this event, our lovely guest bloggers Katie and Koralee, our sponsors (Ruche.com, Emma's Boutique, Target PR and Charlotte at Aqua PR) who've supplied some great prizes, and you - our lovely readers for all your amazing comments and Heels that Heal entries and for raising awareness on your blogs. I tried to get over to everyone who has highlighted this cause and thank them personally!Don't worry though, if you have friends or relatives that have missed out and want to read about the Dear Diary week,you can still sign post them here, the 5 day event will still be up here till Monday!  

Thank you very much,

Sharon and Lauren x


Itch2stitch.com said...

What a wonderful week! What a fantastic cause too. Suzie. x

koralee said...

You girls did a great job! Much love...and Happy Weekend!

Valencia Lia said...

What a wonderful 5 days and a perfect event and cause !! I really enjoyed this and I learned so much and had fun tooooo:))

You both did an amazing job !!! <3 <3

Kitty M said...

What a great idea Sharon and fab to find a 'Lancashire blog'!! I spotted your link from Koralee's page. You're not too far away in Lancaster - I am in Chorley :-)

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