6 Oct 2009

Day 2 Of Dear Diary Event-How The Other Half Live- Lauren On Sharon!

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Sharon & Lauren  xx

Lauren of Laurens Loves interviewing little ole me!

Q1.Whats the one item you can't leave the house without and why?
A- I would have to say lipstick, not sure if its related to my bollywood roots being anglo asian tee hee, but I feel undressed without something to dress my pout!

Q2.You're a big fan of cooking. What's your signature dish?
A- puddings are my favourite thing to cook, I make a mean steamed lemon sponge, using a whole lemon! Its delicous!How to make friends and influence their waistline I think my receipe book would be called, tee hee!

Q3.Whats the garment every woman should own?
A-The cliche, but ever so true answer is a trench, they suit every bodyshape and are a complete classic that looks right whatever the occassion, I have a real penchant for some of the shorter versions that Burberry have brought out this year, love browsing in their gorgeous Manchester store!My first ever trench was a beautiful cream 3/4 length Aquascutum mac from a charity shop bought years ago, I fell in love that day, however I looked the mac worked for me.

Q4.Going for a smear test is hugely important. What would you say to women who skip their appointment?

A.The longer you leave anything, the harder it becomes to do. My father always says, your health is the most important thing in life, he is a Dr working in a third world country where free health care doesn't exsist as it does here in the UK, but he is soo right.It's about prioritising our health as women over your embarrasment, discomfort and fears!

Q5.You're a freelance stylist.How did you begin your career and whats the most rewarding thing about your job?
A.I became a Style Consultant, after I realised through feedback from friends and associates in my previous work as a counsellor that I had a natural appitude for taking high fashion trends and  interpreting these trends in ways that made them infinately more wearable, whilst still enabling men and women to look and feel fantastic.So I retrained and have never looked back! My job is so rewarding, I see it as a partnership beween the person who is wanting you to help them transform their image or find the perfect party outfit and myself, who works to transform them, by visualising and listening to who they are and who they want to say they are.

Q6.Which celebrity style do you admire the most and why?Gwen Stefani has fabulous style! She juxta positions lady like chic, with British eccentricty and throws in sporty, because she is a dancer I think she understands clothes and movement.She knows how to make casual elegant, she is beautiful, I love her spirit and her joy.I think I relate to her, because I was a dancer also at one time in my life.

Q7.Whose your favourite glamorous pin up of yester year and what do you think they can teach us? I would have to Sophia Lorren, she was stunning, so unusual for a pin up at that time, really confident in her curves, although Marilyn had lovely soft marshmallowy curves and a real sweetness of character and Audrey Hepburn with her doe eyes was one of the most humble and beautiful women on earth. The main thing we can learn from all  those pin ups was they embraced their assets and showed them off proudly! So Audrey who had a small chest didn't fret about it, she wore figure hugging clothes that showed of her streamline figure and hats that framed and drew attention to her incredible eye shape! They were also were not scared of sticking to one strong statement look that worked for them! It's still a formulae that works well today look at JLO with her maxi dresses.

Q8.How would you describe your own style and whats the one item that always makes you feel good when you put it on? 
A- I would describe my style as eccletic, I always feel good at the moment when I put on my dark denium paneled pencil skirt, it hugs my curves! I mix my look up all the time. For me cut, colour and fabric are so important, so clothes that combine all those elements speak to me, I love and am attracted to clothes with a theatrical bent, that are dramatic and romantic corsetts, fabulous coats, well tailored jackets capes.I suppose I like well cut classical clothing made using unusual fabrics to add a modern or sporty edge, but I also suit, fifties style cuts because I have a squashed hour glass shape and they help to really define my curves!The lipstick helps too!

Q9.If you had £5.00 in your pocket, what would you spend it on?

A. Coffee with a friend!

Q10.What would be your ideal date? (Apart from your husband, Ashley of course!)
A.Oh you are naughty Lauren! Thats easy Johnny Depp, those mocha eyes, his quirky nature and Im undone, to quote a famous line from a very romantic films he starred in with a gorgeous french actress, ring any bells ladies? 

love Sharon xx


Valencia Lia said...

Love love your answers to your interview !!!

I love love that you're a stylist<3 <3 way way cool. Even though I would be studying Journalism next year,fashion styling is my dream dream job !!! Wooooo

Johnny Depp would also be my ideal date! He's sexy cool

koralee said...

oh I love finding out more about you....I am happy that every women should have a trench...I have 3 and love them all. Gwen and Johnny ...I adore them both as well! xoxoxo

Maria Confer said...

What an excellent interview!! It's so fun learning more about you!!!


Sher said...

Oh this is so fun, dear! I love reading your answers!!

I love Gwen so much too, in fact she inspires me to wear bright red lipsticks! And Johnny Depp is so yummy, great pick, Sharon!

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