8 Oct 2009

Dear Diary Event Day 3 -Whose her Latest Squeeze?




 The Heels that Heal competition is still running,YOU HAVE TILL 4PM UK TIME TODAY! With a chance to win the following goodies pictured below from our generous sponsors over at Ruche and UK based company  Emmas Boutiqe, if you follow My Passport to Style and or subscribe, simply email me your favourite pair of heels to sharonstyle@fsmail.net by 4pm TODAY and grab the Dear Diary button top right of this page and post about this event to spread the word about the Dear Diary event which finishes this Friday at midnight amongst other female bloggers and friends with a link !There are 3 gorgeous prizes to be won, so don't delay start emailing in that shoe candy! Here are the first of our entries check them out,Koralees entry, sooo flameco with trademark bluebird blue tights, Valencia Yip working her fierce heels and look out how sweet Emma looks modeling her version of Ruby slippers, then we have Maria sophisticated entry, followed by Sher, with her sassy red shoes,hmm red shoes do seen to be a favourite here. Look at this vintage inspired wallpaper design of Sugars favourite pair of heels!Look at these candy cane satin beauties that Cat sent in,good enough to lick! Good Luck everyone! Lauren & Sharon xx


        The Mystery Of Laurens Latest Squeeze/Purse 

The mystery of Laurens handbag beginith! Follow me lovely ladies as I delve deep within the roomy depths of Laurens toffee clutch! What's that I spy, Item one, a bublegum pink lipstick,pink is the colour of love, romance and relaxation interesting.Moving swiftly on, Oh I do sooo enjoy a good rummage! Ah what's this? A pearl brooch, hmmm it has a vintage feel, perhaps she is a classic girl with a yearing to return to a more romantic period in time, a time of horsedrawn carriages and swash buckling highwaymen, a time when men threw down their opulent velvet capes in muddy ditches so women could step lighltly across them without getting their pretty little shoes dirty. Another vintage inspired item this time a diamond shaped tin with a 1930 glamorous starlet, lip balm perhaps? This girl takes care of her lips and yearns for the glamour and feminity of a bygone era, I'm guessing she is also in a long term relationship and does alot of kissing !!!Not sure if that's a red bow brooch, or a hair pin, either way this girl likes to dress sweetly, and is a real lady, I feel sure Maria Conifer would approve!Is that a shark bottle opener I spy and a notepad and pen, along with a mobile, so we have a practical girl prepared for any event social or otherwise! Is that two more lipstick I spy she must have the dreaded affliction, spreading rapidly amongst Fashionistas and beauty bloggers, fear of lipstick shortage and shrinkage, hence the copious quantites of lippys I have found in her bag!What do you think gals, am I good? Or am I way off the mark with Laurens handbag analysis! Got to applaud the girls bravery though, in baring her handbag for all to see! Well done Lauren! Visit Laurens blog today and her guest blogger @ http://laurensloves.blogspot.com/  

Sharon  xx             Fashion dilemma that needs solving in the future? Post me your questions to sharonstyle@fsmail.net and you might get selected and feature here!                                


koralee said...

Lovely post today my friend...thanks for the introduction..you are amazing! See you soon! xoxoxoxo

MelMel said...


Great blog!x

The Girl said...

Hello fellow Northern person!

Thank you for the comment.

And can I say how amazing I think you are for raising awareness about cervical smears. My Mum had cervical cancer(completely recovered now) and I've had more than my fair share of scares and smears over the past 5 years but I cannot for the life of me understand people who don't/won't go. Madness!

Maria Confer said...

YAY Koralee!! Love all the entries so far!!!


Morning T said...

Fun post, I love knowing what's inside other women's handbags! :-)

Kristin said...

Koralee is wonderful. Super fun post!

Valencia Lia said...

Wooooo,I see my photo up there heeeeee.Wow,I can't believe its already day 3 of the blogger event.

Thats really so fast !And those shoe entries are really so beautiful:)

I love love what's in the bag post. love love that bubblegum lipstick and the wallet. heeeee

Dustjacket Attic said...

FANTASTIC post. Wow work those shoes girls. Koralee the tights are fab.

Great job girls,

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there,just incase you are looking for Koralees lovely post for today it is the one beneath! We are having a slight tec hitch hopefully sorted by 9.30 am Uk time please bear with us! Hope you are enjoying this event.Please keep those your favourite pair of heels pictures coming in to sharonstyle@fsmail.net for a chance to win 1 of the 3 gorgeous prizes featured below, still time competion closes 4pm today UK time! Good luck.Sharon xxxooo

Torie Jayne said...

Great post! Love the shoes!Have a sweet day!

Marcus said...

Love the blog Sharon... what a great way of raising awareness of cervical cancer... good job done!
Cat xx

Music said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. As you can read cancer is something that has affected my family and friends.

FYI, L'Occitane's Rice mask is the first mask I encountered that does similar thing to Biotherm's pore-minimizing lotion & mask. Thinking of it, I'm updating my post soon to include those products! :)

Roz said...

This was a really interesting post,and I think what you;re doing is so great!
I really like all the photos you've featured here.
I can't actually remember saying I'd eneter the competetion though? That might just be me being forgetful though (:
Thanks for commenting.


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