3 Aug 2009

Alternative Wedding Styling - Flats V Heels?

Hi there,
hope you had a great weekend, thought I would try and brighten up the day of any brides to be, or mothers of the bride wanting to achieve a more alternative look, by offering you some hot wedding shoe flats from wait for it, Top Shop.Yes you heard right, Top Shop I believe, have cleaned up when it comes to great value alternative wedding pumps. So what prompted my desire to post about alternative wedding flats? Well a recent conversation with a friend of mine who has been to a fair few weddings in his time, deduced, that wet weather = wet ground + heels = disaster, and are not sadly a marriage made in heaven. What could be more undignified than your heels sinking slowly into the muddy terrain of the beautiful grounds of your Wedding, giving you the ungainly gait of of a pelican on marsh ground. I speak from bitter, sweet experience, I decided for my Wedding, to go for sequined Ivory flats.Booked on the 19th of August I optimistically assumed, it would be a sunny day, with me frolicking across the lawn, captured by our Wedding photographer as I played croquet with our Wedding guests. Did this happen ? No, because, yes you have guessed it, it drizzled there were puddles and there was a brides worst nightmare mud! We managed to get some decent shots outside, despite this and I was so glad, I didn't have to contend with uprooting each of my feet from muddy grass.Lesson learned! On the other hand, I do understand that some of you alternative Wedding gals out there, who are petite might wish to look slightly taller. I say go for a slim wedge every time, not only that, it will be easier to contend with slippy parquet floors, when dancing.

My top picks of alternative Wedding Wear shoes from Topshop, could easily become the staring point for a whole host of alternative bridal looks. With studded white or cream leather versions that are now in store, being the starting point for pretty punk or Queen of Rock looks, the crochet pink flats featured, would work really well for romantic Gothic brides, metallic flats are great for achieving a contemporary feel, the pink heart flats are up to the minute Vivian Westwood, with out the price tag! It goes with out saying that flat pumps are the perfect accompaniment to empire line bridal or mother of the bride dresses, but this is obviously a more classic than alternative look. Which ever bride you are, have fun! You have the added satisfaction of knowing when you select a flat pump, from this Autumn/ Winters range of shoes, you will be able to wear your wedding shoes again this Autumn/Winter, as I did on my honeymoon in Venice. I received the biggest compliment ever, from a local Venetian woman who loved my flat mules and wanted to know where I bought them!! It gave me a great feeling to think I had picked up the perfect bridal shoes up for just £7.00! Sometimes life is really sweet, have fun, browsing. Sharon x


Lauren said...

Hi Sharon
Hope you're well.
I've just given you a mention/tagged you on my blog xx

Sharon said...

Thanks Lauren for tagging me on your site you are a gem.xx

koralee said...

I adore your picks of flats...flats are for me!!!! I would be happy in any of those lovely shoes...I love the cake..wow. Thank you for your lovely comment you left on my blog while I was away.... the thought of you giving me an award warmed my heart!!!! I would love to be interviewed by you sometime! Your blog is charming and always fun to read!!!! xo

Rainbow Retro said...

Ooh, those heart shoes are so gorgeous!

Emmarelli said...

Im so glad of posts like this, I can't wear heels, and I always imagined that a wedding would be the 1 thing this would cause the most upset at, but those shoes are really gorgeous :D and if alot of people are doing it, I won't feel left out!

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