9 Aug 2009

Over The Knee Boots Autumn/Winter are you a Pretty Woman or more Puss in Boots?

Are you itching to wear the new power boot that is so hot for Autumn winter? It comes in many guises, from just over the knee to thigh high. There are a few Style rules that you need to consider unless you really are like some of the larger than life characters featured today. So generally, I would advise steering clear of black patent thigh boots,unless you are really tall and super confident about your ability to dress them down, which is a pretty tough task!If you are around 5.7 in height go for low to flat heeled suede versions with a shift dresses or above the knee skirts, keep the look classy by teaming with textured natural fabrics such as silk, wool or tweed as in my recent Izzy Lane post.The military look is a hot trend this Autumn/ Winter as is padded shoulders. Although these may seem obvious Style choices to wear with over the knee or thigh high boots, this look could easily become a bit of a cliche. Just add military, as you would a expensive perfume, sparingly, through perhaps your choice of hand bag, hat, makeup, or belt. Sewing some new buttons onto a non military style coat, is a great way to create a coat with a military twist, go for soft feminine colours.
OK for those of us who are not long of leg, or our legs are fuller at the thigh, I count myself in this category, rejoice in the huge variety of ankle boots that are around this Autumn/ Winter. Biker chic is huge this Autumn/ Winter and studded boots are a strong trend that has staying power, there are some really pretty ruched variety's around that echo the seasons trend for textured fabric and being playful with clothing proportions. For more petite women, go for pretty neutral colours that won't over power you and team with plain tights in a similar shade. Or if you decide to go for the tough biker ankle boot, wear with a soft wool dress or a fluid three quarter length jump suit and keep accessories to a minimum. Remember the lower the ankle boot the longer your leg will look, this is great for women with heavier legs, the longer your leg appears,the sleeker and more shapely it looks, simple fashion maths! Hope you enjoyed my mini masterclass on how to wear the latest boot trends. For over the knee styles featured here, see Top Shop and for the ankle boots visit the Office see you soon.
Sharon x


Maria Confer said...

Oh, I love over the knee boots. I would have to say I'm more of a Puss in Boots.

P.S. I've tagged you for an award!

Beth said...

Great post!
Lol I am probably more of a Puss in Boots as well.
Love the examples you gave, that top pair is amazing!
Beth xx

koralee said...

I have some of the shorter ankle boots...that is more my style but the others are cute too...
Please pop by and visit..I have something for you!

Lauren said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks so much for the lovely meal last night. I've tagged you for an award on my blog x

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Lauren it was my pleasure, you were the perfect guest,great fun.I think the boys were secretly very impressed,glad you enjoyed the cake and thank-you so much for my lovely award. It maybe a while before I can collect it, as my computer is down as you know, for how long not sure! Sob. Sharonxxx

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