26 Aug 2009

The My Passport To Style Blog Awards-The 4 winners are.....

Hi there, lovely blogging community and welcome to the My Passport to Style, blog awards, today I am tagging the following fabulous bloggers to receive the Irresistible Blog Award, I have chosen them because they are original, entertaining, very sweet and have great ethics. Having quite alot in common with blogger, Shes Got A Passion For Fashion, in that I love beautiful clothing, baking and entertaining.I decided to invite the 4 nominated bloggers to play a little stylish game with us.I have chosen 4 of my favourite vintage finds that relate to Stylish entertaining in some way, an art deco wall vase, a mosaic cake cover, pineapple beaded drinks cover and the adorable rosebud tea set for two. I am inviting them to select one object that reflects their personal Style of entertaining best and let us know why. S xx
Shes Got A Passion For Fashion
Lulu Letty
Plush Palate
Marvelous Kiddo


thatsorad said...

That is a beautiful award!

koralee said...

Wow..so lovely...well deserved to all of them!

I adore the mosic cake cover...I have done that work before...did a birdbath..small one...and some other things...a lot of work smashing old china but well worth it!

Happy day to you!

Lauren said...

Hi Sharon,

Your blog is looking ace!
Did you get my Twitter message?
Hope you had a brilliant holiday. And yes! We must catch up soon xx

The Girl of Make Believe said...

Awesome, what a great idea!
Well done guys :)

Sher said...

such a cute award! Can't wait to see who gets it:)

Mrs Barker said...

That pineapple drinks cover is fab! Quirky, chic and so much fun x

cait harri said...

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the nomination, its very much appreciated!

I'm not sure if you meant to choose an item from your favourites or my own so I'll tell you both.

From yours it would be the rose tea set because I'm afternoon tea's biggest fan and I love nothing more than gossiping with friends, a huge cake and a pot of rose tea.

From my own collection it would be a set of two pink cake stands, they compliment my style down to the ground.

Thanks again x

Maria Confer said...


You're so sweet. Thanks so much for the award!


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