22 Aug 2009

Welsh Style File - Lots of Welsh Rare-bits!

Hi great to be back! Thank-you for all the lovely comments you left me, it was a great welcome!I thought you might appreciate my pick up of all things Welsh and Stylish,which includes a picture of the area I stayed in, in Abersoch, as well as my favourite really Stylish and inspirational actors and singers, including some men for a change! Some of you wont be surprised I picked the gorgeous Anthony Hopkins, I love his confidence in wearing simple clothing well. His charisma is electric! Rhys Ifans, may seem a unlikely Style Icon, his style when he is not acting alternates between scruffy chic, to country gentleman, but I love his care free attitude and how he seems so at home in his own skin. This shot of him from the film, The Boat That Rocked, is awesome! I totally heart his Style, bang on trend this winter season by the way.Which just goes to show that true Style, needs a sprinkle of attitude and confidence along with a well cut Wardrobe! Those of you who adored Rhys Ifans clad in his underpants in the film Notting Hill will know exactly what I mean when I say its his imperfections that make him sooo perfect! Duffy had to be in with my pick of Wesh Style Icons, being as I love the substance that vintage can lend to a gals wardrobe, usually because clothes were generally much better tailored in bygone years.She embodies a simpler time and is truly inspirational! My Welsh Style file would not be complete without Welsh designer Julienne McDonald, his Autumn/Winter collection is so creative, he understands how to dress women. I thought you might appreciate this stunning piece from Julienne McDonald's Autumn/Winter collection, it really speaks of his Style elegant, flamboyant and just a little sexy! I couldn't resist throwing in some gorgeous handmade Welsh shoes for good measure, brogues are huge for women this Autumn/Winter, for women wanting to Chanel the androgynous trend and it doesn't get much better than these vintage inspired handmade Mary Jane shoes. The creative design/detailing (note the scalloped edges) is breath taking. Oh and I had to bring back this chic woven tweed clutch, with sky blue, silk lining. Tweed is big news this season, but Welsh tweed in particular is pretty special!
Sharon x

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koralee said...

Sooooooo lovely....I adore the area you were in! Hope your time away was restful and peaceful...thank you so much for sharing the list of Welsh inspired people and lovely things...I adore those shoes....so want a black pair...I have a white pair and love them...the Mary Janes are darling. Just bought myself some new Mary Janes...not as cute as those. Have a great weekend! Glad you are back!

Itch2stitch.com said...

Hello! Thank you for your comment on my blog, love reading comments and hearing from others! Your post is great, i love fashion, I studied city and guilds in it a few years ago, and i have been known to sew my own clothes too! Suzie. X

sophie la-la-la x said...

love the brouges!
and there is something charming about wales - its so original and loads of great people have come from there. plus I love how the welsh language sounds like gobbeldigook which you make up as a child!
please visit my fashion blog -

sophie x

sophie la-la-la x said...

thanks for the lovely comment! ok, the guest apperance idea sounds good, so I just follow you and then I might be chosen?
thanks for the compement on my shots - the editing is the thing which makes them good!

sophie x


Leigh said...

Those brouges are amazing and I want them!

thatsorad said...

Those shoes Rock! Thanks for the peeps, I have you on my list (:S

sophie la-la-la x said...

ok right, am about to follow you!
can you follow me too?
thankyou so much

sophie x


sophie la-la-la x said...

whoops! sorry, I guess I've made a habit out of it!

sophie x

Crystal Gentilello said...
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Becca Joy said...

I love the brouges, the colours are perfect!

Roz said...

You've picked out some great photos there!
I particularly loove those brogues. They're so gorgeous! (:
That bag is pretty impressive too. Lovely shade of blue..


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