8 Aug 2009

Now you have been tagged have fun

Hi there, I was tagged by the lovely Koralee from Bluebird notes, I'm a bit new to all this, but have posted a few of my favourite things on here in response and tagged 5 bloggers below, for you to visit, in no particular order, it was pretty tough choosing!!! Some of my favourite things are slightly bizarre i.e I love red cranes, it's hard to explain why, they just look so majestic and purposeful against the blue sky. They make me feel like anything is possible! When people smile, who doesn't love that! The Nepalese people are famed for being one of the most friendly people on the planet. My father is Nepalese so I guess I am slightly biased. Any excuse to bake a cake, it sooo therapeutic and satisfying, the smell wafting through the house,the anticipation of whether it will rise to perfection. I'm making a huge gooey chocolate cake for youngest sons birthday on Monday, yay! Sitting with my friends enjoying a drink on a sunny day, by the canal side, in my beautiful home town of Lancaster. Last but not least, I adore eating a Ben and Jerry's ice-cream in the cinema, Phish food is yummy, but I like the marshmallow and polar bear variety. They are true ice-cream visionaries, whats your favourite flavour?

Now My Passport to Style, will tag 5 new blogs for you to visit below.

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koralee said...

Love your loves!!!! I know now I really really like you...ice cream...yummy...and marshmellow at that...now that is one great treat...I need to try it. Very creative loves...blue sky so enduring!!!! Thanks for playing along with me.

Maria Confer said...

Oh, so many wonderful things. Lancaster does look so lovely!! Yum, I can never get enough Chubby Hubby or Oatmeal Cookie Ben and Jerry's.

Jo said...

I agree with maria

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