5 Aug 2009

Izzy Lane Ethical Clothing Company - A Yorkshire Pioneer Is Born

I am so excited about introducing you to Isobel Davies from Yorkshire,the founder of Izzy Lane an ethical couture wool clothing line. A vegetarian, with a vision for uniting her passion for saving sheep from slaughter that didn't quite make the mark, whilst breathing new life into the British textile industry.Izzy lane cloth is woven at an ancient mill in Selhir using Victorian machinery, that has been in operation for well over a hundred years.The ethically based company use fleeces from sheep that have been saved by Izzy and now live out their days at the sheep sanctuary which Izzy first founded.The fleece from Wensleydale and Shetland sheep are used to make the wools necessary to achieve such quality luxury apparel as well as the fleeces from Scottish cashmere goats. These beautifully tailored pieces, I have selected, have not a hint of heaviness about them, wool is wonderful as it breathes. I have for some time now had a fixation on natural fibres, my close friends choose clothes in fear of me feeling the fabric of the item they have happily selected and reciting my usual mantra of, is the fabric a breathable fibre? i.e a cotton or a wool mix, if not it will wash like a rag after one wash, cling to all the bits you wish it didn't and crease within two minutes of your wearing. Quite simply I'm a bit of a fabric snob, I think natural fibres generally makes us feel nice when we wear them and keep us smelling nice too. They are far superior to man made fibres at keeping us warm in cool weather and cool when the sun ever decides to show its face! Here endeth my fabric sermon. But what do you think? Or do you even care? Man made or natural fibres, what works best for you? Visit http://www.izzylane.com/
Sharon x

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