14 Aug 2009

Tea Room Chic, Autumn/Winter Style

This post has been inspired by the English tradition of afternoon tea and the tea dress. I thought it was about time I held a tea party and served up some Delicious slices of Style advice for all you feminine and stylish gals out there.This Autumn /winter, floral dresses feature big time, worn with textured fabrics such as tweed and wool, giving a lovely vintage country feel or toughened up with studs, leather and a shiny cuff.Warehouse has come up smelling of roses, with there magnificent take on floral dresses for winter as I think you will agree. I have have featured my top lust haves from Warehouse .What I love about this trend is that it is so cheerful! We cant always have sunshine, but at least we can have flowers to brighten our day.
So here's my fool proof guide to wearing this trend, I know the rock chicky way, is to toughen up the look with black, but lets get realistic, most of us can look a little pasty and washed out in the winter months, particularly us paler skinned beauties.Large quantities of black can also cheapen colour. My advice is accessorise your look with neutrals colours such as the belts and jackets and cardigans featured here. This will create a more expensive look and help reflect light onto your face.If you wish to wear tough spiky black boots, no problem, but wear with grey, or soft pink tights. Want to go floral and slightly punky with a twist of Cindy Lauper, then add a pair of clashing coloured tights, but stick to neutrals on top.
See you soon
Sharon x


koralee said...

I adore those fall fashion picks...so I will look for a floral dress...a wide belt..a great sweater...and some fun tights...I wish you were here with me! Your write up was fanstastic!Thanks so so much....I would love to come shop in London with you...but Seattle will have to do! xoxox

Nubiasnonsense said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, I love these items, colored tights are great.

As much as like Britain I'm actually from NYC.

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