9 Jan 2013

California Clogs - Boho Rhapsody

 As some of you may know I'm currently approaching shopping for my spring13 wardrobe in a slightly unconventional way, kicking of the month of January with my dedicated Shoe Love In.So when I discovered I had a new pinterest follower in my inbox (Karen Kell) who specialised in designing platform clogs being a Lancashire lass I was pretty chuffed!

Karen Kells clogs are not like any I have come across before,from bohemian crocheted designs to colourful links of leather as well as some series hard core studded rocker shoes,these solid wooden and leather beauties made me yearn for adventures in some hot dusty place preferable with a motorbike thrown in and a billowing shirt.These clogs are designed without a doubt for more than a bit of bit of Morris dancing on your village green.

 If you want to find out more about the talented Karen Kell who designs these beautifully crafted shoes amongst a range of other vegetation leather accessories.Visit her at Etsy,Free People and her own website KarenKellCollection.com     


fashionable frolickers

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