14 Jan 2013

Lush Spa Box Review

Lush Spa box features - Peace massage bar, Full Of Grace serum, Big Blue bath ballistic and Stepping Stone foot scrub

When Lush recently asked me if I wanted to review some of their products from the new Lush Spar gift box which feature in their four signature spa treatments.I was so keen to make my huge bathroom into the perfect playground to test out these products I actually spent two hours cleaning it, incase your wondering if I'm mad, my bathroom usually gets a quick once over as and when I feel like it.

Big Blue bath ballistic 

I tested three of the four products from the gift box and was really excited to try out the Full Of Grace face serum.First up was the Big Blue bath ballistic packed with soothing lavender and lemon to tone I tossed it carelessly into my bright yellow bath and was immediately smitten by it's deep blue colour.

Relaxing Big Blue ballistic  In my bath

I have a confession to make, I'm not great at long relaxing baths but this balistic from Lush (and I have tried a few) converted me, I swished around in what felt like a blue volcanic rock pool peppered with strands of seaweed, inhaling the scent from the steam for a full half hour of bliss.I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give myself a nourishing facial whilst my skin was nice and warm using the Full Of Grace bar.I love the fact it looks so innocent and unassuming and is the perfect size and shape to melt in your hands, made with portobello mushrooms and rose water I nearly fell asleep during my diy facial.

 I suffer from dry skin and am already a fan of Lush massage bars which I find very hydrating, so once out of my bath I decided to slip into something more comfortable and slathered myself in Peace, made of coco butter and olive oil. My only tip is it melts down pretty rapidly after a hot bath, so if you want the bar to last longer just stroke the bar onto your skin rather than melting it in your hands first.I wasn't overly concerned with making the bar last though, preferring to saturate myself in its luxe emollients and use it like an over night body treatment, it left my skin nourished and satin smooth for three days.

My verdict? The serum is a handy relaxing facial treat for bedtime bathing, that left my skin plumped up and resilient but was also incredibly relaxing to use when combined with a bath in the Big Blue. I'm never going to struggle to find the perfect birthday gift for any of my friends ever again!I love this Lush Spa box and it's cute brown heritage gift wrap and stamps depicting all the treatments you can have at the new Lush spas! Can you tell?!   

* I was sent three products from the Lush spa box for the purpose of this review, all photographs featured with the exception of the Lush spa box are my own.


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