7 Jan 2013

My January Shoe Love In

A new year new start, a time of spring cleaning,  detox , zen like calm, wrong! Typically we, read I, wrestle with overspending, overeating, catching up with numerous blogging tasks and the pressure to find items of clothing that flatter but are amazing value in the January sales. However I have decided that's so yesterday.

The Pursuit Of Cute

 I am feeling a little pleased with myself that I have come up with a simple solution that a) reduces the pressure of sales shopping on myself and b) removes the anxiety of buying clothes that, come March, will hopefully be too big for me as I will have shed the 6lb I gained around Christmas. Here it is, we shed weight in the places we carry the least amount first, typically feet, hands , face, upper body then sadly lower body last. So to compensate for this I have come up with the perfect shopping strategy/ calendar for 2013. January is the perfect month for buying  shoes and nothing else, well maybe some socks.

Street Fashion

 What have I got scheduled for February the month of luurve? Showering myself with some of the same, instead enduring shopping for clothes that will still be a little tight, I will be dodging sweaty changing rooms and trying on pinky rings and earrings like these beauties from BaubleBar.


 March is the optimum time for hunting out some new season Ts and shirts and, you guessed it, by the time April 13  hits I will be ready to effortlessly pull my whole new wardrobe together and start focusing on clothing my bottom half too, not nearly as rude as it sounds! 

 My lazy guide to getting your fashion mojo back in just four months is stress free, but to make it work effectively it does require you have a bit of vision about what styles and colours of clothing you want to bring together right the way through the process. Begin with the end in mind, something like that anyway. Have you braved the January sales yet, bagged yourself a bargain or are you still binding your time? What's your strategy for clothes shopping in the New Year?  


Torie Jayne said...

Loving your idea! I have not braved the shops instead opting for a little online sale shopping!
Have a sweet day!

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

Did brave the sales - my strategy was to take my Mum, who bought me 3 items for my January birthday! Sorted!
Those earrings are BEAUTIFUL!
Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to your posts this year.

My Passport to Style said...

Great news you found what you wanted in the January sales for your birthday! Happy Birthday Cari-Jane! x

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