23 Jan 2013

My Vintage Costume Jewellery Finds


I thought I would share my current favourite vintage jewellery pieces with you, I'm a huge fan of period dramas like Mad Men, the idea of living a life where everyone wore gloves and matching jewellery and women changed perhaps three times in one day seems so glamorous.

 In reality my day time looks tends to be a bit more haphazard and less co-ordinated.A posh dinner somewhere or a trip to the theatre is usually when I want to look more finished and glam it up. That's when my vintage brooches like this gold effect 60's star burst design above in turquoise come in. I like to pin them on short blazer worn with a shift dress or to a clutch or in my hair if I'm wearing it up.
 Both my gold effect starfish brooch and the star burst brooch cost me under £10.00 but the bonus of buying vintage is they were made to last so the quality is good. I have bought costume jewellery with a vintage feel in the past that has cost up to thirty pounds, such as these pretty pear drop bobby dazzlers to the right of the page and they have fallen to pieces after wearing them just twice! Luckily my faux vintage earrings are lasting well, I'm a sucker for peachy gold pearls and couldn't resist buying these.

Last up in the little vintage line up on my dresser is a really special heart shaped locket I recently inherited, it features two love birds and is made from rolled gold the chain is like a whisper it is so fine and the clasp is beautifully constructed.


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