20 Jan 2013

Shoe Indecision

Monochrome pointy shoes - Louis Vuitton 

Cutaway biker boots -River Island 

Apparently women don't dress for men they dress for other women. I thought I dressed for me and my love of fashion and not my man, until I got thinking about the major shoe indecision's I have struggled with since I was able to start choosing my own shoes.

 Although finding shoes that fit well, are comfortable and stay on my feet is an issue - I have fairly wide feet and a full half size difference between my feet which makes shoe shopping a bit of a nightmare, I seem to inhabit this parallel shoe universe where none of these feet issues exist and knowing that A likes pointy high shoes. I opt to  buy extremely pointy high and expensive pairs of shoes when we are together thinking love and the price tag will enable me to wear A's favourite style of shoes, rather than what generally happens when I  buy shoes in this category I  stumble, trip and grimace in pain after ten minutes.

 It is sadly well documented in this blog that I have suffered a childhood steeped in shoe trauma, my earliest memories are of having my toes which were all barrelled (curved) bound together like a little geisha dolly with surgical tape by dad (who is a Dr) from the age of four so my toes would grow straight. Then there were the enforced weekly ballet lessons to give my flat feet a healthy instep. I forgot to mention I inherited completely flat feet from my dad and walked a little like a duck, thanks dad! Then there were the trips to a certain shoe shop for fitted shoes, where anything remotely attractive was deemed bad for my feet, at the slightest 'ouch these hurt' to try to wangle my way to new shoes that were even slightly stylish, my mum would look triumphantly at the shoe assistant and say those are the ones they fit perfectly! 

So back to the topic of shoe indecision, basically I figured out my split shoe personality, on the one side I need comfort, but finding a genuinely stylish pair that is actually comfortable for me is such a long laborious task it's just easier and more rewarding to indulge A's glamorous choices instead, as well as being pretty pointless! In reality I accepted a long time back that one of the easiest most stylish pairs of  shoes I can  wear without issue is an ankle or shoe boot, so I have amassed quite a collection.

The other day I treated myself to a new pair of biker boots for spring 13, walking past A in my new boots, he said very casually I'm not sure those work, quick as a flash and just as calmly I said you don't have to like everything I wear. I think I may finally have grown up. Now I'm off to find my favourite pair of Man Repellers.


Winnie said...

I'm all about comfort and those last boots look pretty perfect to me!

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