16 Jan 2013

Rainwear Prints

blaest -245-euros

Boden - Rainy Day Mac -£119.00

Boden -Rainy Day Mac - £119.00
Tuppence Mac-Seasalt Sale £50.00 
Rain Frog - £125.95
Rain Frog - £89.95

 I don't really see why my love of print has to be confined to just shirts & dresses since I now live in my rain coat eighty five percent of the time ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little, I guess I'm not quite at the point of sleeping in my raincoat yet! However I might be persuaded to if I get a pretty enough new waterproof. I'm finding that the right prints can make my casual clothes look smarter, jeans for example and something smart like a rain coat look more relaxed, work that one out! 

If you want to avoid a raincoat that feels and sounds like a cornflake beware cheap stiff fabric! Look out for macs and coats that are fitted at the waist and flare out over your hips, have adjustable sleeves, belts and back vents to give you a really tailored finish. Soft breathable waterproof fabrics are important so you don't end up looking like your in a home sauna!


If you are already thinking, how much wear is a printed mac going to give me versus a black or neutral mac, I do get your point. But if you want to try investing in print, look at it from the following angles firstly colourful print coats shout out to be worn, your not going to forget it hanging in your hallway so it will get worn.

 If you opt for classic prints like stripes and spots they won't date. Choose the right base colour for your colouring, my olive skin type looks less chalky and more tanned when I wear yellow and yellow looks great with black, brown and purple in winter and pink, navy and ivory in summer, about as versatile as it gets!

 Clashing your prints or if your into wearing the same colour right the way through your outfit and happen to own some nude shoes also works really well,if you decide to do the deed and walk on the wild side for a little while! Do you like wearing lots of print or have you ever tried a printed waterproof?         


Oh, My Darling said...

Oh, I adore the idea of dressing in a bright and fun raincoat!

Josie said...

That striped one is just darling!
xo Josie

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